20 Practical Ways to Cure Depression


Whether through the loss of one’s job, grief or for some difficult life challenges, depression can rear its ugly head and spare no one of its venoms. Depression can be triggered by a range of factors ranging from social to economic. That’s the reality of life you have to contend with.

These are just a few useful tips that can help you cure your depression:

1.)  Move your body:

One of the most effective remedies for depression is moving your body. Yes, avoid a sedentary lifestyle. Move your body in whatever way that is convenient for you. Dance to the melodious sound of your favorite music and let nothing stop you from doing that. At any available opportunity, hit the gym if you can. Otherwise, engage in an aerobic exercise where all your body parts will be fully engaged in a wholesome exercise.

2.)  Don’t skip a meal:

You need to keep your blood sugar level stable always as a preventive measure against mood swings. While you may be tempted to skip food to “be in good shape,” you may be doing yourself more harm than good if you engage in such habit. You should not let the opportunity to eat a good meal pass you by

3.)  Drink green tea:

The L-theanine in green tea makes it an effective antidepressant to boost your mood and reduce your stress level.

4.)  Leverage the Law of Attraction:

I hope the Law of Attraction is not new to you. If it is, in a simple and clear term, the law stipulates that you become what you think. What you preoccupy yourself with will gradually be attracted to you. If you put much of your effort to concentrate on negativity, that will worsen your condition. On the other hand, optimistic attitude will attract positive things to you, including getting over your depression.

5.)  Take advantage of meditation:

Meditation is good for you. Observe your environment and meditate on positive things around you. Pay close attention to your thought and listen to yourself. Are there negative thoughts you want to get rid of? Do it without hesitation.

6.)  Try acupuncture:

You can engage the services of a licensed acupuncturist to take full advantage of the health benefit of this medical technique to make you feel happy, calm, and relaxed.

7.)  Use Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) / Thought Field Therapy (TFT):

In your quest for a way out of your depressive mood, try Emotional Freedom Technique/Thought Field Therapy. This requires you to consider some alternative medicine that may be valuable in getting over your depression.

8.)  Consider better physiology:

The way you conduct yourself may impact on your emotions. You can improve this by paying attention to how you use your body.  You should always relax your jaws and muscles and always create room for giving yourself a good laugh. That grin on your face and your relaxed mood will play a significant role in rolling back your depression.

9.)  Think positively:

You have a choice; you can decide to fill your mind with negative or positive thoughts. But, know this; negative thoughts will make you moody. Instead of thinking that you are depressed, start saying “I am happy” and visualize yourself as a happy person. Such positive thoughts will release “happy chemicals” that will always trigger happy feelings in you.

10.)  Use Omega-3 Fatty Acids:

When you use omega- 3 supplements, it will provide your body with the right amount of the fatty acids it needs to function properly and help in reducing your depression.

11.)  Reprogram your subconscious:

Your subconscious is a powerful tool you can use to your advantage. You need to reprogram it to become a useful weapon in overcoming depression. Invoke the power of powerful imagination to create an ambient environment that will support your fight against depression.

12.)  Change your self-image:

Do whatever will lift your spirit. Do something fun. Go shopping. Stop smoking. Stay away from alcohol. In a nutshell, don’t engage in activities that will endanger you. Rather, give yourself a decent shot at living a good life.

13.)  Get enough sunlight:

Getting the right amount of sunlight will trigger the resetting your body clock. When you don’t enough sunlight, all the processes that regulate your sleep, hormone levels

14.)  Don’t give up:

Getting out of depression may be quite difficult for you. Sometimes, you may find the pressure to give up irresistible. That’s when you need the courage to keep going. If you give up, you are digging your grave. But if you keep up the fight, you will soon overcome. You got to keep working.

15.)  Increase your B-vitamins consumption:

Vitamin B is an essential element in the body that can impact your mood. This is because it contains dopamine, serotonin, and epinephrine that are known for their mood-boosting ability.

16.)  Talk:

When you are depressed, you have to share your feelings with people who really care about you. Their timely advice may be effective in helping you overcome that challenge. Open up and share your thoughts with people that care.

17.)  Try to be yourself:

If your depression is caused by trying to imitate someone and you feel like a loser, you should stop it and try to be yourself. You can’t live someone else’s life.

18.)  Take out time for yourself:

If you have been preoccupied with your problem, why don’t you take out some minutes to think about yourself. See if you can meditate on other soul-enriching activities that will relieve you of your depression.

19.)  See a therapist:

It is a wise move if you can consult a therapist. Such a professional health care provider will know the best way to help you to quickly get over the problem in a timely manner.

20.)  Always express gratitude:

Your depression is probably a result of some disappointments in life. Get over this by showing some gratitude for life and other blessings. If you can be grateful for those blessings, you will gradually cure yourself of depression.

If you are serious about winning your war against depression, you need to religiously practise the proven and practical tips that I have shared with you in this piece. It doesn’t come easier than this. You can do it, you only need to act.


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20 Practical Ways to Cure Depression

Whether through the loss of one’s job, grief or for some difficult life challenges, depression can rear its ugly head and spare no one of ...

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