2017 Wellness Trends: Wellness Coaching for Everyone


Wellness coaching is still a relatively new concept. When it first gained traction, it was aimed at the wealthy and well to do. But that landscape is changing. We’re all looking to live healthy and fulfilling lives, and the benefits of wellness coaching are coming to the people. More everyday individuals are turning to wellness coaching to enhance their mental, physical, and spiritual health. We’ll explore how 2017 wellness trends allow everyone a shot at reaching their full potential with the help of a coach.

Unpacking 2017 Wellness Trends

Wellness coaching, as a discipline, has changed radically over the past few years. Previously, quality wellness coaches were few and far between, nestled in large cities and wealthy urban neighborhoods. Today, you can find wellness coaching from sea to shining sea. These wellness coaches are driven by the latest trends and science in health. Today, anyone who wants to make a sustainable lifestyle change can, with the help and support of a coach. Here’s what you might expect from the process.

A Holistic Approach

Consumers are increasingly realizing that the key to good health is a multifaceted approach. A healthy individual has a healthy body, mind, and spirit. For example, if weight loss is your ultimate goal, you may find that stress, a known risk factor for being overweight or obese, is driving your physical problems. Tending to your mental, physical, and spiritual health simultaneously will help you achieve sustainable changes. Holistic practices may also include combining conventional western medicine with integrative practices such as acupuncture or other complementary therapies.

Remote Support

You may think you’re not a good candidate for health coaching because you live in a rural area and can’t connect with a coach. But technology allows us to conduct coaching sessions remotely, so you’ll have access to a support system regardless of your geographic location. You can have sessions via webinar, video calling, or telephone. Anyone with proper motivation and desire to change can benefit from everything wellness coaching has to offer.

You Take the Wheel

We’re increasingly taking charge of our own health. Technology provides us with access to health information and allows us to do much of our own research. It also allows us to connect with social support groups and share experiences 24/7. This gives people the motivation they need to continue working toward their goals and ultimately creates long-lasting changes that lead to a healthy lifestyle.

Wellness coaching is an important aspect in achieving your lifestyle goals. With reasonable rates and a focus on a holistic health and ongoing support, both wellness and health coaching is becoming increasingly popular. We’re beginning to realize that wellness coaching isn’t just a luxury for the elite, but a powerful tool for the people. We’re committed to helping everyone achieve their goals, regardless of their scope, budget, or creed. Don’t let another year get away from you. Let us guide you through the maze and make 2017 your healthiest year yet!


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