50 Simple Ways to Overcome Anxiety


Everyone at one point in time has experienced some level of anxiety. Anxiety simply is a feeling of unease, such as fear, worry or panic. It is a conversant feeling which we experience in our everyday lives, but when not handled well it can lead to anxiety attacks which in turn can develop into phobias and life-threatening conditions. Here is a list of 100 simple ways to aid you in overcoming anxiety.

1. Exercise:

Regular exercise is essential to your body, it also helps to keep you mentally in shape. Exercise is a great way to reduce the body’s stress hormones, such as cortisol and adrenaline. It stimulates the release of endorphins (natural painkillers/happy chemicals).  High impact exercise like running releases the most endorphins and can really help blow away any cobwebs.  Running increases your vibration and therefore you think different thoughts.

2. Eating Healthy:

Do your best to eat healthily.  Eating less food or smaller portions will increase your energy since it takes a lot of energy to digest food.  Eating too much food leaves you feeling lethargic and demotivated to do anything, which of course can lead to guilt and anxiety.  Foods high in sugar will give you a boost, but shortly after leaving you feeling exhausted and guilty. Go for foods that are rich in B vitamin this helps to ward off anxiety.

Often we feel hungry and want to binge, but actually we might be dehydrated and what we really need is water.  Enough water will help control your appetite as well help your brain function at optimal levels.  Thinking uses a lot of energy and therefore you need water and nutrients.  Instead of a bacon sandwich, you should try having a bowl of wholegrain fruit and nut cereal.  See the effects this has on your energy and mood.

3. Meditation:

Mindfulness meditation is an excellent way to reduce anxiety.

Meditation technique…

Sit with your eyes closed.  Ask yourself, “what’s my next thought going to be?” Then listen. When you listen for your next thought, your thoughts stop for a moment.  Sit there and observe. When you are the observer of thought you are no longer thinking. You are “being”.  Being present.  Focus on the silence between thought.  Focus on the silence between noise.

When you “feel” your body’s vibration from within, sense your body’s pulse, your heartbeat, energy field… when you feel this you then are no longer thinking… you are feeling.

Best done in the steam/sauna or after exercise when your heart rate is up…the intensity is easier to feel/sense.

Another way…. focus on your breath… but again “feel” / sense your chest/stomach going in and out.

All this brings you into “being”

Be present in the moment where life truly is.

Don’t forget to set aside few minutes a day for meditation.

4.  Listen to Music:

Music has a powerful effect on our emotions, it can serve as an effective stress management tool. The type of music you listen to however, obviously affects how you feel.  I like to listen to Drum and Bass or House music, which is energetic and upbeat and puts me in a good vibration.  Coldplay on the other hand, makes me feel sad.

5. Develop your Sense of Humor:

Learn to enjoy whatever life has to offer, always laugh and never take life too serious, this will go a long way in reducing anxiety.  Don’t take your thoughts too seriously.  Typically, they’re inaccurate predictions of the future or the past that is no longer in existence.  The only thing that truly exists is the present moment, so make that your 100% attention.

6. Get a Massage:

Massage therapy is an effective way promote relaxation and relieve stress and pain. It elevates your mood and lowers your blood pressure.

7. Identify Stress Triggers:

It is important to determine the stress triggers (things that make you feel stressed) and eliminate or stop them. If staying up late causes you stress then you should begin sleeping early.

8. Time Management:

Ensure you practice proper time management this will help you complete tasks more efficiently/faster and in turn reduce stress.

9. Letting go:

You must learn to let go of anger and things you can’t change and focus on positive things.

10. Yoga:

Yoga combines controlled breathing, relaxation, meditation and physical poses. It helps reduce stress, lowers your heart rate and reduces blood pressure.

11. Reduce caffeine intake:

Caffeine exacerbate anxiety, therefore taking caffeine on a stressful day will only make it worse. Skip the caffeinated beverages.

12. Get Enough Sleep:

Always try to get adequate sleep, regular lack of sleep can lead to stress.

13. Create Time for Yourself:

set out a couple of hours a day for yourself and do the things you enjoy doing.this will help you relax.

14. Watch a Comedy Routine or Funny Movie:

Laughter they say is the best medicine; it is a good way to deal with stress, watch your favorite funny movie have some laughs and ward off anxiety.

15. Smile Often:

researchers have discovered that simply smiling can increase well-being and reduce stress. Smiling during brief stressors will help lessen the intensity of anxiety.

16. Face Worries:

most times it is best we face our problems head on and try to fix them on time. When a problem is solved, you don’t have to think about it again.

17. Acupuncture:

Acupuncture is a natural way to treat anxiety, it leaves you feeling calm and relaxed.

18. Guided Imagery:

this is simply using metal pictures to reduce anxiety, it helps to increase peaceful thoughts and feelings.

19. Green Tea:

Green tea possesses L-theanine, an amino acid that helps relax your body and mind and reduce stress.

20. Happy Thoughts:

Engage in happy thoughts always, a positive thinker is less prone to anxiety.

21. Spend Time with Family and Friends:

Support from your family and friends can help you through some difficult times. You should spend more time with them as they can assist you through stressful times and in turn reduce your level of anxiety.

22. Go Shopping:

Get some new clothes, shoes and accessories, look smart and sharp, this will increase your confidence

23. Take a Break:

During working hours, try not to overwork yourself, take a break from time to time. A short break is beneficial to your mental state.

24. Tai Chi:

This is a low-level martial art, and it has been proven to help reduce depression, anxiety and enhanced mood in both people living in chronic condition and healthy people.

25. Supplement:

You should consider supplement as they can be used to reduce anxiety and stress. Some of which include Omega-3 fatty acids, Valerian, Kava-kava and a host of others.

26. Chew Gum:

According to research, chewing gum can help you relax, it can also reduce stress and promote well-being.

27. Light a Scented Candle:

Burning a scented candle can have a calming effect on your mind. Light a scented candle with a soothing smell this will help reduces stress. You can try Lavender, Bergamo or Frankincense.

28. Write it Down:

In cases where you don’t have anyone to talk too, a good way to release your emotions is to write them down.it is also an excellent way to organize your thoughts.

29. Hug it Out:

Scientists reveal that hormone oxytocin is released into your blood stream when you hug or hold a friend. “Go on, hug someone today.”

30. Have Some Pet Time:

Taking your pet for a walk or spending quality time with them is another way to relieve stress. The attention and love pets can help improve your mood.  If you don’t have one then go to your local park or seaside and watch other people’s dogs run around and play, and see the joy and fun playing out.  You can also shut your eyes and use your imagination. The subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between what is real and what is imaginery, so you’ll get the same chemical release and can feel great just by auto-suggestion.

31. Avoid Procrastination:

Staying on top of your priorities is another way to take control of stress. Prioritize what you need to do wards off unnecessary pressure.

32. Call-a-Friend:

Talking to your friend on the phone can help reduce stress and anxiety. It can also give you a clearer perspective on your situation.

33. Take a Walk:

Walking can do wonders for your physical health as well as your mental health, it helps to shift your brain into a calmer state.

34. Learn to Breathe:

Controlled breathing is a useful tool that can be used to combat anxiety. Inhale through your nose, and exhale through your mouth.

35. Self-Hypnosis:

Hypnosis is an excellent technique for stress relief, it can help to reduce anxiety

36. Qi Gong:

This is an ancient Chinese technique used to relieve stress.

37. Reiki:

Reiki is an energy healing technique used to alleviate anxiety, it aids in healing and restoring the mind and spirit.

38. Go Swimming:

Go to an ocean, a lake or a stream and connect yourself with nature it’s negative ion field, swimming triggers the release of endorphins.

39. Go Somewhere New:

take some time off to somewhere new and leave your current environment this is a good way to de-stress.

40. Let go of Anger:

Try not to hold on to anger and grudges and focus more on positive things.

41. Reduce Alcohol Intake:

Taking too much alcohol can feed your anxiety, try always to take alcohol in moderation.

42. Set Yourself Goals:

When you set goals and achieve them you feel better, and this can help lessen anxiety and make you happier.

43. Limit your time on social media:

Studies has proven that spending time on social media can increase your level of stress. If this happens to you, try to reduce the time you devote to social media.

44. Play a Musical Instrument:

Playing a musical instrument is a great way to de-stress physically and mentally.so if you can play an instrument, find time to play it.

45. Whole Body Vibration:

You can buy vibration plates and use them at the health club or gym. Vibration is an excellent way to shake you out of your current thought pattern and into a happier mood.

46. Play Games:

Games keep you entertained and are a perfect way to kill stress. They could be board games, sport-based games or simple card games.

47. Join a Fun Group:

Participate in a group and meet people with like minds. Interacting with similar minds can bring a sense of joy and can be so much fun. They can also provide assistance with some challenges you may face.  You can find groups and events at Meetup.com, EventBrite.com or search Facebook.

48.  Change Your Physiology

Changing your physiology can affect the thoughts you have and therefore the chemicals that get released.

49.  Visualisation

Shut your eyes and visualise with excitement that you are already taking a trip abroad.  The subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between a real experience and an imaginary experience.  Whether you go now by imagining in your head or whether you go in the future, the main thing is the chemical release in your body.  You can get that “now”.  Change your state of being now by using your imagination, and then gain the strength and creativity to create that experience in the real World.  Then become present by focusing on the step you can take right now.

Why do you want success? So you can travel? Why do you want that? So you can feel free and excited?  Well you can feel free and excited by changing your current thoughts – the images you create in your mind.

50.  Be Present

Be 100% engaged in your present task instead of thinking about the future about the possible things that you could be doing or the possible failures that could arise.  The quality of your present state of being is a result of how present you are in your body.    When you feel anxious, it’s typically when you are thinking about the future going badly.  The future hasn’t happened yet.  When the future comes it will be the present moment.  That is where life truly is.

How do you climb 1000s steps…

One step at a time. ✌️🙏🏻😎✌️


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