6 Life-Changing Goals a Coach Helps You Achieve Faster


Behind every successful person is a coach, a Sherpa or mentor who guided and held them accountable every step of their journey.
Oprah Winfrey had the late poet Maya Angelou as her mentor. She credits Angelou for guiding her through the most crucial parts of her life. Darrell Green, former Super Bowl Champion was mentored by his football coach in middle school. Meanwhile, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg was coached by Larry Summers, her professor from college.

Just as these three had someone to guide them, so should you. It doesn’t matter if you’re already rich and famous—or a nobody on the starting line of his own epic journey.

Still not sure how having a coach can improve your life? Discover how different coaches transform their client’s personal and professional life.

Charisma, Soaring Profits, and a Purpose-Filled Life:
What a Life-Changing Coach can Do for You


  • Improve Your Relationship, Dating, and Social Skills
  • Land a New Job or Transition to a New Career
  • Finding Your Purpose in Life
  • Gracefully Handle a Sticky Work Situation
  • Starting a Business or Transforming a Struggling One
  • Be an Exceptional Manager

Improve your social skills

Improve Your Relationship, Dating, and Social Skills

Some men—even the successful, drop dead gorgeous ones—aren’t comfortable around women. They’re shy and clueless about what to say. They want to look confident and fun without sounding arrogant or creepy.

Relationship and Confidence Coach Sarah Jones helps guys feel comfortable about themselves and their dating skills. It doesn’t matter if you’re outgoing, a secret romantic, or an introvert, a dating coach can bring out the best in you.

It’s important to note that Jones’s clients aren’t pathetic, charity cases. Yes, some of her clients might feel like this at the start. But she empowers them to embrace their personality, and with a few mindset changes—to take advantage of character traits they’d classify as a weakness.

Feeling weird about hiring a dating coach? That’s normal. For starters, she offers a free email training course for getting your first date, and almost guaranteeing the evening ends well enough for you to score a second one. It’s a great way to test the waters.


time for a new job

Land a New Job or Transition to a New Career

Career coaches serve as a sounding board, cheer leader, and an honest source of feedback for all your career related dilemmas.

Moving to a new industry? Your career coach can identify which of your competencies and experiences will speed up your transition in a different profession.

Have you sent close to a hundred resumes to no avail? Ask the coach to critique and revise your resume to emphasize your strengths and achievements.

  1. Speelman is an English Major who thought he knew how to write a resume. After a few months of sending resumes to no avail, he realized his mistake. That’s when he hired Career Coach and Resume Writer Michelle Riklan.

Speelman said, “She completely redesigned my work experience into a clear and concise format filled with important details and quantifiable achievements. I began receiving multiple inquiries, several of which led to serious job offers, as soon as I started circulating my new resume.”

Talking to a coach is also a great low stakes way to test your interview answers and elevator pitch. At least you don’t have to worry about messing up or giving a rather unimpressive answer that might affect your chances of getting a job offer!

Work with your coach in creating a list of answers to interview questions that may be asked in your target role. Then go over it with your coach until you’re confident in your delivery.

Perhaps you hit the big 3-0 and just realized how unsatisfying and unfulfilled your life is. Or you quit your toxic corporate job because you’re tired of it all—of paying the bills, the mundane routine, and your boring job.

Whatever the situation, one thing remains constant—you feel lost.

find your purpose in life

Finding Your Purpose in Life

An experienced life coach can help people identify their personal values, and from there assist them in discovering what they want in life. After that comes the challenging and exciting roller coaster of setting realistic goals, and solving obstacles you encounter along the way. But don’t worry; a reliable life coach won’t leave you hanging. He’ll keep you motivated and accountable throughout this process.

That’s what Certified Life Coach Tim Brownson does. He specializes in helping clients ‘get unstuck.’ Current and former clients praise him for his skill in making people realize what matters most, and then converting that new-found conviction into actions that lead to tangible changes and long-term results.


Gracefully Handle a Sticky Work Situation

You encounter lots of challenges at work but you know how to handle most of them. Office squabbles, client misunderstandings, vendor delays—all in a day’s work, right? Then all of a sudden, you encounter a problem that left you feeling helpless.

Perhaps the company is undergoing a major restructuring so some of your friends were laid off, while you were left to inherit their responsibilities. Or maybe you love your job but loathe the new manager you’re working with. Salary and personal-related gripes with your boss and colleagues fall into this category, too.

What would you do?

Discuss the situation with a career coach before you do or say anything rash. Career coaches often have management and HR experience, so they can identify the root cause of the problem and suggest potential solutions.

For instance, is the problem with your boss, or the way you communicate with each other? Could the problem be exacerbated by unaddressed issues like a previous spat? Once that’s all clarified, your coach will collaborate with you to identify the best course of action.

Caveat: sometimes, you might not like the solutions they’ll suggest.

For instance, talking to your boss about adjusting your workload might be uncomfortable. But a good coach can change your fear-based mindset to a learning mindset, so you can push through these challenges. Remember, even the direst challenge presents a learning opportunity.

Start a new Business

Starting a Business or Transforming a Struggling One

“I had a broken business model. The rates I was charging were so low that I couldn’t live my mission without compromising my financial health. While plenty of people wanted to work with me, I was offering my services at a budget rate,”says Rachel Scott, one of Selena Soo’s clients.

Does her struggle sound familiar to you?

Many entrepreneurs start out feeling passionate about their idea. Unfortunately, many of them enter the market charging a discounted rate because they’re unsure of their product or service’s true value. Sometimes, the lack of a filtering process leads them to accepting bad clients who don’t value their work.

Like a serial entrepreneur, a business coach can guide you through the process of discovering your target market, and creating an offer that delivers premium value to them. That’s exactly what happened to Soo’s client.

“I created a new, premium offering… At first, I lost clients who were just looking for a discounted massage.” But the clients who stayed became her constant source of income that kept referring their friends and family.

But that’s not the only reason to work with a business coach. They guide entrepreneurs in almost every industry and business function, such as sales, hiring, partnerships, startups, leadership, and more.

Be an Exceptional Manager

What happens when a junior employee becomes a manager? What about a solo business owner now working with a team? Will they magically inherit skills needed to become a good boss?

In most cases, no.

New managers are often overwhelmed of their new responsibilities. They’re responsible for managing a team with different personalities and work performance. And on top of that, they’re also in-charge of hiring new staff, mentoring existing ones, and keeping everyone engaged.

Business Coach Linda Finkle worked with a client that had this problem. The female executive had a successful business but was often frustrated with employee performance and retention issues. When Finkle worked with her, no one on the team had been in the company longer than six months.

She wasn’t always around to lead the team due to all the conferences and client meetings on her schedule. So the team worked late to accommodate her schedule. What she didn’t realize was employees aren’t always okay with overtime, even if they’re paid above market wages.

Through executive coaching, Finkle taught her how to interview for the right skills and culture fit. And instead of having the team accommodate her schedule—last minute changes and all—they created a schedule of deliverables and milestones, so she can track the team’s progress remotely.

Within a year, the once struggling executive had 3 people working with her for a year—6 months more than her last record. She also improved her leadership and stress management skills.

Coaches: The Modern World’s Secret Weapon for Hard to Reach Goals

Don’t get me wrong. Coaching isn’t a magic pill that will solve all your problems. You have to do your part. It doesn’t matter how good your coach is if you’re not willing to change.

Athletes, serial entrepreneurs, and almost everyone who accomplished anything on this planet had someone to guide them. Their coaches supported and guided them every step of the way. When they were about to give up, their coach spurred them on. So if you’re serious about improving any part of your life, working with a coach is one sure way to do it.


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