Can You Effectively Coach Yourself to Achieve Higher Results?


“Our chief want in life is somebody who will make us do what we can!” – Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Note the two words – chief want – and, the words – somebody who will make us do what we can – it pre-supposes then (if we believe what Emerson is suggesting) we need the push and inspiration of another person to crack open the carbonized vaults of our own mind – if we want to achieve what we want.

Now does that other somebody need to show up in person, or, can we be coached by a book or other resource?  Can we be coached virtually, online or through another medium? It’s an interesting question.

Let me share my own personal experience.

For years and years, I read and read and read. What did I read? Personal development, personal growth, inspirational and motivational type books. Did I get coached by the books? Maybe, in a way. I subconsciously lined my mind with the thinking and philosophies I’d read about.

Get rid of confusion and procrastination

However, because of the passive, one-way-interaction process of being coached by the author of a book, the insights, philosophical strategies, and ways of understanding the world I’d gained, all but passed through me like a ship at sea – here one moment, gone the next. Though, somewhat visible if I scrunched my eyes to make out the image in the far distance.

Here’s the truth – I had no structured way to make and take what I’d learned, gained, understood and then develop it into a cohesive, working system. I had a mismatch of thoughts, ideas and strategies, all swirling around like clothes thrown into a washing machine, spinning and spinning and spinning.

And then, a shift.  I attended a structured Coaching course, where I was in community with other individuals. What that coaching programme did for me was to put a series of structures and pillars in my thinking. It helped solidify and give meaning to what I’d already picked up on my own through reading and listening to various audio teachings.

coaching programme

More importantly, I could get precise and definite feedback from others if I was unsure, uncertain, unknowing about an area I had a doubt about.

No question about it that if I wanted to I could have carried on trying to figure out what I wanted to figure out, by approaching it all from a DIY perspective. I could’ve done that. However, I found that I did indeed, wanted, needed somebody to help clear up conflicting thoughts or ideas that were floating around my mind, because I wasn’t able to see my own blind spots, I couldn’t figure it out for myself. And so that’s what happens when we’re dissatisfied in the mind – we automatically seek help.

I’ve since hired a number of coaches to help me refine my writing and marketing skills, my ideas, my meditation, resiliency and mental toughness skills. And because of hiring these coaches and guides, my effectiveness in all the above areas has impacted my life in measurable ways. For example – I’ve been approached to contribute to the growth of The Coaching Connector venture. I don’t think that would have been possible if I stayed in my own little rabbit hole and tried to coach myself to becoming a better writer, communicator and idea creator.

right or wrong decision

Now if I did want to go it alone, it would have been a long winding slog. Why? Because I’d have no direct feedback. I wouldn’t know how to fix things if I continually came up against the same road blocks or hurdles in my communications, my thoughts, my approach.

Coaching, guidance, instruction and help from another person (a qualified coach) can help create the miraculous in your life; that’s their job and profession. And high results coaching isn’t only reserved for those in the sports and entertainment industries – you can be coached to create the results you want in any area you want to be better in, any area you want a better result in, any area. Just name it, you’ll find a coach who has the excellence and expertise to help you create the results you want.


Yes. You can pick up a book or a resource manual to help you. However, you can go much farther if you enlist the help of a qualified coach who has experience in the area you want to excel in… and… who has one agenda on their mind – coaching you to achieve better results, higher performance, happier living.


They’re committed to help you, to make you do what you can. And that automatically leads to – happier living.

Raja Hireker


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