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Like many coaches, you likely have the passion for coaching but struggle with the business aspects of building a profitable & rewarding coaching practice. TCC’s Business & Professional Development Training Area provides you a comprehensive, multi-media curriculum designed to help take your business to the next level step-by-step. New materials added monthly! Access based on Level of Membership.

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Lisa Lentino, Ph. D.

Jim McCraigh

What coaches are saying about TCC

Before we get into the specifics of how much all these benefits will cost, let’s take a moment to hear what people are saying about The Coaching Connector and our work:

Lisa, thanks for the information and the offer. I loved the video and your mission… I don’t say yes to every offer that comes my way. So many of them are there just to make a buck. They have no true desire to impact the world. You are not that way. Thank you for your desire to be a catalyst of change and allowing me to be a part of your journey.

Please let me know what else I need to do. I will give the info you have given me to other quality coaches I know. Thanks again!

Lissa Q. , Life Coach

Go, Lisa. You’re amazing Gosh. This looks like a LOT of work!! How did you do that???? Thank you for inviting me… Brava! Jory. F., Certified Business Coach

Jory. F., Certified Business Coach

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