Module 3 - Your First Client Encounter

First Client Encounter- Start off on the right foot. In Module 3, we provide materials so you are well prepared for your first client meeting. We share how to skillfully vet a client; build rapport; and set clear expectations regarding your services and fees.

Chapter 3:1 – Creating Proposals and Packages

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Chapter 3:2 – Building Rapport

Three Little Words We Should NEVER Say to Clients (This is Why)

I was working with an eye professional a few years ago to assess his marketing efforts. Each Tuesday, we would meet at his office in the hour just prior to opening. Our second session ran over a bit and his phone rang. It was a prospective client who want...

This Will Make You Wish You’d Known This Before Your Last Potential Client…

Most potential clients have little tolerance for canned dog and pony shows. You have to know your business. You have to know their needs and wants no matter if they are top executives, career changers, or looking to lose weight. What they care about is un...

Simple Fill-in-the-Blanks Template that Makes it Easy to Make Client Outreach Calls…

Have you ever have gone to an event or association meeting and picked up business cards from two or three potential clients… only to put off calling them because you weren’t sure what to say?

Chapter 3:3 – Understanding Your Client

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Chapter 3:4 – Setting Clear Expectations

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Chapter 3:5 – Vetting Potential Clients

5 Warning Signs That Scream “Do Not Take this Client!”

Unless you are new to coaching, you probably have had at least one “client from hell” over the years. If not, I’d never wish that upon you! Difficult or problem clients can even threaten the sustainability of your business. Those of you who are regu...

Chapter 3:6 – Using Tools & Templates

Grab this Ingenious Template that Will Net You More New Clients and Speaking Engagements

Are you presenting a workshop, seminar or breakout session in front of a group of your ideal coaching clients anytime soon? Would you know exactly what to say to get them to work with you? Check our Speaker Template

Chapter 3:7 – Setting Fees & Getting Paid

3 Big Reasons Smart Coaches Don’t Charge by the Hour

Do you ever feel like your fees too low? Are you getting paid what you are worth? Do you have to work crazy hours to make decent money? If you said yes to any of the above, I get it… I understand. Earlier in my career, worked for a company that contrac...

Price your Coaching – Build your Coaching Business Video Series

Ron talks about how to price your coaching, which is a very complex subject. Ron talks fairly generic since depending on your niche. Some niches you can charge a lot more than others.

The High Cost of Free Coaching Offers (This is Why)

As a coach, your “Comprehensive Coach Profile” in TCC’s International Coach Directory is a powerful marketing tool that can either help or For years now, a lot of coaches have used “free one-hour sessions” as a way to attract new clients. The id...

Article plus eBook “The Best Kept Secret of Charging Higher Coaching Fees”

To make it in this business, we need to charge fees that will allow us to stay in this business. But, for a lot of coaches, pricing their services is often a source of considerable distress. Often, they will flip-flop between these equally bad alternative...

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