Module 4 - Working With Clients

Provide Demonstrable Value! In Module 4, we discuss concrete tools and strategies you can use to move clients from point A to point B and help them achieve measurable results demonstrating their progress.

Chapter 4:1 – Delivering Results

Delivering demonstrable Results – Build your Coaching Business Video Series

Ron gives you a wake up call about actually being accountable to delivering demonstrable results to your clients. How you can go about delivering demonstrable results for your clients and keeping clients for a long time, keep paying, get referrals because...

Chapter 4:2 – Using Questions Effectively

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Chapter 4:3 – Using In-depth Assessments

Constructive Thinking Free Profile

As a coach, you understand how important it is to help your clients learn how to think more constructively. Becoming more aware of one’s dysfunctional ways of thinking is the first step in doing just that. The Constructive Thinking Profile, based on the...

Chapter 4:4 – Knowing When to Terminate a Client

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