Module 5 - Growing Beyond the 1:1 Model of Coaching

Make the greatest positive impact possible! In Module 5, learn to break free from the 1:1 model of coaching and develop multiple revenue streams that reach a much broader audience than you ever could with 1:1 coaching.

Chapter 5:1 – Creating Multiple Revenue Streams

Pitching Your Coaching Products – Build your Coaching Business Video Series

Ron talks about pitching your coaching products and services to your potential clients. Ron talks about the worst pitch that he has ever had given to him and what you can learn about what “not” to do.

Build your Coaching Business Video Series – Part Six

Ron talks about how to write your own book. How he wrote his book 40 years ago in 3 months and is still bringing in royalties as well as new coaching clients. What to do to make writing your book effortless and how it almost writes itself.

Chapter 5:2 – Using Technology to Augment Your Business

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