Module 6 - Continuing to Develop as a Coach

Model lifelong learning! Those of us who reach greater levels of self-actualization do so because we never stop learning or developing in our professional and personal lives. In Module 6, we provide materials to help you further develop your coaching expertise.

Chapter 6:1 - Adding to Your Expertise

How to Get a Never-Ending Flow of Leads from Associations, Conferences, and Networking…

Networking to generate leads is something that few coaches do really well… Many coaches I speak to either network infrequently (drive-by networking), or they spend a lot of time working at it, but don’t see the kind of results they want. In other word...

Ahead of the Curve in Your Niche – Build your Coaching Business Video Series

Ron talks about how he incorporated NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming by Grinder & Bandler) into his books. Not only that, but how he has taken his clients beyond NLP and helped them become millionaires. How you should get ahead of the curve in your own ...

Chapter 6:2 – Navigating the Credentialing Issue

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Chapter 6:3 - Connecting With Other Coaches

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Chapter 6:4 - Troubleshooting

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Chapter 6:5 - Attending Conferences

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Chapter 6:6 - Getting Testimonials & Referrals

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