How to Create Healthy Leadership in Your Organization


An organization is only as good as its leadership. To succeed, good leaders approach their positions with a focus on balance. Overbearing leaders deplete morale and increase employee turnover, but leaders who are too relaxed may not have the respect of their employees, which can harm productivity. Learn what makes healthy leadership and how to be the healthy leader of your organization.

What Is Healthy Leadership?

Health truly does encompass every aspect of our lives, from our physical wellbeing to our mental and spiritual states. Our businesses have their own states of health. Heathy businesses are balanced, effective, productive, and employ well-adjusted efficient workers. There is no single key to creating a healthy business, but being a healthy leader is an important step.

What Makes a Healthy Leader?

learn and lead leadershipHealthy leaders are emotionally intelligent. This means, in part, that they understand the importance of the wellbeing of their workforce as a whole. They actively work to reduce stress, keep the channels of communication open, and encourage innovation in an environment that fosters creative expression.

It stands to reason that employees will put more positive effort into their jobs if their work environment is also positive. This increases the productivity of your business as a whole. Integrity, passion, compassion, and self-efficacy are all key building blocks of a healthy organization, and leadership largely dictates these building blocks. Here’s how you can help foster this environment.

Reduce Work Stress

Stressed employees are less productive, so spending a little energy, even cash, on reducing the stress load of your workforce will benefit you in the long run. Allowing short breaks throughout the day – even if just for a few minutes – will help boost productivity. Suggestions include:

  • Encourage your employees to take short walks throughout the day to break up time at their desks and combat fatigue. If your company participates in a wellness challenge or program, allow time for stair climbing or respites in the form of walks around the parking lot.
  • If your employees must attend a meeting, order a healthy meal for the group and structure it more as a “lunch and learn” than a formal affair.
  • Consider adding stress-reducing perks – meditation, free fitness classes, a comfy lounge, or on-site childcare to reduce employee stress.

Keep the Channels of Communication Open

Employees are more likely to feel valued if they feel they can approach their leader with new ideas or suggestions. Creating a safe space for innovation and creative thinking will encourage employees to put more into their work – and may even lead to your business’ next big idea. Create this space by resolving disagreements effectively and making yourself available to discuss new ideas and improvements. At the same time, you’ll want to set clear and reasonable expectations for your employees, remembering that you’re a leader and not a friend.

Employees who feel valued are more likely to work hard for you – this is one area that a business coach can help provide support and a game plan. The bottom line is this: trust in your team, and they’ll reward you with good performance.


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