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    • Languages:
      • English
    • Coaching Modalities:
      • In-person
      • Remote-via-phone
      • Remote-via-internet

    More About Coach Anna Lichnowski

    My coaching practice
    My personal motto is, “Process, Not Perfection.”  As a leadership and business coach, speaker, and trainer, I partner with individuals, companies, and organizations to guide them in refining their leadership efficacy, identifying self-limiting beliefs, and addressing progress roadblocks. My goal is to influence the development and implementation of strategies that will lead to results– results that have so far remained elusive.
    Professional / Life experience
    Founder & CEO of Anna Lichnowski, LLC; Former Co-Founder at Agape3 Marketing; Former Co-Founder at USAStartup.or; Co-Director, M3C Young Professional Team at Monmouth County Chamber of Commerce; Voluntary Board Member at The Source (Red Bank Regional High School); Voluntary Advisory Board Member at the Customer Experience Certificate Program (Rutgers University)
    My clients
    My expanding client roster includes, but is not limited to: College Students, Career Professionals/Managers, Small and Mid-Sized Companies, Corporations, Other Organizations (Non-Profits, etc.)

    Solutions Coach Anna Lichnowski Helps People Find

    Life Coaching
    • ADHD Coaching
    • Discovering Your Life’s Vision
    • Discovering Your Passion
    • Finding Meaning/Purpose
    • Goal Setting
    • Improving Performance
    • Increasing Emotional Intelligence
    • Life Transitions
    • Managing Stress
    • Money Management
    • Organizing/Time
    • Self Discovery/Acceptance
    • Work/Life Balance
    • Budgeting/Money Management
    • Business Emotional Intelligence
    • Business Strategy/Organization
    • Developing Effective Teams
    • Effective Communication
    • Effective Delegation and Supervision
    • Improving Performance
    • Leadership
    • Motivating/Inspiring Others
    • Negotiation/Conflict resolution
    • Budgeting/Money Management
    • Business Organization/Team Development
    • Business Planning
    • Effective Networking
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Innovation/Creativity
    • Leadership
    • Marketing
    • Overcoming Fear/Doubt
    • Product Development
    • Securing Funding/Capital
    • Constructive Thinking
    • Law Of Attraction
    • Mindfulness/Meditation
    • NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)
    Health & Wellness
    • General Health And Wellness
    • Whole Life Balance
    Career Coaching
    • Advancement
    • Career/Academic
    • Finding Your Passion
    • Launching To Adulthood
    • Life Skills
    • Management Skills
    • Organization/Time
    • Productivity
    • Transition
    • Work/Life Balance
    Relationship Coaching
    • Family Relationships
    • Social Skills

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    Articles by Anna Lichnowski

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