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    • Languages:
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    • Coaching Modalities:
      • In-person
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    More About Coach Antonio T. Smith, Jr

    My coaching practice
    I coach high performers.  My number one rule is no one suffers alone.  My number two rule is we’re all connected.  My number three rule is there is not lack.  I specialize in million-dollar business systems, cognitive behavioral therapy, and creating dominant speakers, trainers and coaches.  I help people leverage business systems, other people’s energy and universal laws.  I also help people to get out of their own way.
    Professional / Life experience
    I have delivered over 2000 keynotes at events such as the University of Houston, University of Wisconsin, The United States Army, Wiley College, and more, which you can listen to on his top-ranked business podcast. I am an internationally recognized trainer and speaker, and best-selling author in self-help and religious categories. He specializes in Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Business and Strength Training, Leadership, Teleconference Presentations, Personal Breakthroughs, Prosperity Consciousness, Mindset Training, and all levels of effective marketing, as well as scholarship in the Old Testament and Jewish Covenants, and owns and actively runs multimillion dollar businesses. I hold a Bachelor’s in Christianity and a Master’s in Theological Studies.  I am a four-time-best-selling author and a popular podcast host, with a show that reaches 70 countries and 60 different languages. I have been coaching people around the world on personal transformation for the last 9 years and I reach over hundreds of thousands of listeners across the globe.
    My clients
    I coach high performers.  Women who own five figure businesses or more, value personal development over money and are driven and ambitious.  Men who own five figure businesses or more, who have changed someone’s life and have a strong desire and to do more, value personal development over money and are driven and ambitious.

    Solutions Coach Antonio T. Smith, Jr Helps People Find

    Life Coaching
    • ADHD Coaching
    • Discovering Your Life’s Vision
    • Discovering Your Passion
    • Family/Parenting Divorce
    • Finding Meaning/Purpose
    • Goal Setting
    • Improving Performance
    • Increasing Emotional Intelligence
    • Life Transitions
    • Managing Stress
    • Money Management
    • Organizing/Time
    • Retirement
    • Self Discovery/Acceptance
    • Spirituality
    • Work/Life Balance
    • Budgeting/Money Management
    • Business Emotional Intelligence
    • Business Strategy/Organization
    • Developing Effective Teams
    • Effective Communication
    • Effective Delegation and Supervision
    • Improving Performance
    • Leadership
    • Motivating/Inspiring Others
    • Negotiation/Conflict resolution
    • Budgeting/Money Management
    • Business Organization/Team Development
    • Business Planning
    • Effective Networking
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Innovation/Creativity
    • Leadership
    • Marketing
    • Overcoming Fear/Doubt
    • Product Development
    • Securing Funding/Capital
    • Constructive Thinking
    • Energy Coaching
    • Law Of Attraction
    • Mindfulness/Meditation
    Health & Wellness
    • Emotional/Spiritual Balance
    Career Coaching
    • Advancement
    • Career/Academic
    • Finding Your Passion
    • Life Skills
    • Management Skills
    • Organization/Time
    • Productivity
    • Retirement
    • Transition
    • Work/Life Balance

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    Articles by Antonio T. Smith, Jr

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