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    My coaching practice
    For over 26 years I have been instrumental in organization growth and business success. I have held various positions within several industries such as ; medical device manufacturing, clothing manufacturing wholesale, architectural signage with The Smithsonian Institute, washers manufacturing, Porsche Race Car Division and more. Throughout my extensive career holding positions such as; CFO, CEO and VP of sales and marketing I have come to a simple conclusion. Regardless to the nature of the organization all companies experienced the same challenges: time management internal energy relationships money – cash flow implementing the SUCCESS FORMULA “THE DOXA METHOD”  these organizations flourished, leadership excelled and reached ultimate success  
    Professional / Life experience
    I empower and help professionals, entrepreneurs and students with the following tools: filter choices befriend and understand fears transport these fears into success live in the 3 time zones I designed and developed unique, engaging and realistic workshops . I work with individuals and leadership groups develop a powerful profound and passionate relationship with oneself
    My clients
    30 years of experience working with organization leaders, staff and overall management I have an extensive experience working with start up organizations. companies in business for over 10 years, small 15 million to over 100 million Dollar sales

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    Life Coaching
    • Work/Life Balance
    • Business Emotional Intelligence
    • Budgeting/Money Management
    • Energy Coaching
    Health & Wellness
    • General Health And Wellness
    Career Coaching
    • Management Skills
    Relationship Coaching
    • Social Skills

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