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    • Languages:
      • English
    • Coaching Modalities:
      • In-person
      • Remote-via-phone
      • Remote-via-internet

    More About Coach Bruna De Palo

    My coaching practice
    I help my clients make significant changes in their lives, particularly in discovering what’s the right career for them and how to make the change. I’ve recently delivered a TED Talk on this topic, called “Bring who you are into what you do”, and I hope to get it live soon!
    Professional / Life experience
    I’m a professional Co-Active Coach®, and NLP Practitioner and TED Speaker. I coach my clients in my club in Central London or via Skype, and I’m often travelling around the UK and abroad to deliver Talks & Workshops in universities, conferences and events. I also help people move from corporate to nonprofit, where they can replace the 9-5 rat race with a fulfilling, joyful career. You can often find me in some cool venues delivering talks and workshops.
    My clients
    I’ve coached people in any sector and role, such as ambassador, actor, start-upper, sales executive, blogger and many more.

    Solutions Coach Bruna De Palo Helps People Find

    Life Coaching
    • Discovering Your Life’s Vision
    • Discovering Your Passion
    • Finding Meaning/Purpose
    • Goal Setting
    • Improving Performance
    • Increasing Emotional Intelligence
    • Life Transitions
    • Managing Stress
    • Organizing/Time
    • Self Discovery/Acceptance
    • Spirituality
    • Work/Life Balance
    • Business Emotional Intelligence
    • Business Strategy/Organization
    • Effective Communication
    • Motivating/Inspiring Others
    • Negotiation/Conflict resolution
    • Effective Networking
    • Innovation/Creativity
    • Marketing
    • Overcoming Fear/Doubt
    • NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)
    Career Coaching
    • Advancement
    • Career/Academic
    • Finding Your Passion
    • Life Skills
    • Management Skills
    • Organization/Time
    • Transition
    • Work/Life Balance

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    Articles by Bruna De Palo

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