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    • Languages:
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    More About Coach Christopher Sunyata

    My coaching practice
    Embodied shared passion has got to be one of the deepest and most meaningful experiences for us as humans. Love and intimacy are at the core our primal life force. How can we channel and conduct this intensity in our lives and relationships? How can you widen your horizons of sensual delight while deepening who you are as a human being? The explosion of information and the proliferation of porn has shifted our collective consciousness about physical intimacy – what is possible and available has never been so apparent. People may be experiencing more, but there is still a yearning for something deeper than just greater quantity and variety. Underneath chasing more and better climaxes, underneath the search for the perfect partner, is a deeper intimacy as the shared bodily communication of love waiting to be discovered. Love and physical intimacy can be practiced, and deepened as a fulfilling art – few people actually work to expand their capacities in this area. Reading books, and watching videos is no substitute for actual practice. Christopher coaches clients into discovering their deepest desires in life and intimacy and he guides them through practices that will help them realize these desires. Stop merely dreaming about what you want, step into living it.  
    Professional / Life experience
    Christopher has decades of practice and study under masters of Hatha yoga, sexual yoga, Taoist exercises, and Buddhist meditation. He has studied for years with David Deida, Sofia Diaz, Michaela Boehm, and Reggie Ray. A member of several men’s groups for over a decade, Christopher has specific expertise in guiding men into their own depth through yogic practices, exercises, and challenge. Christopher is unique in that he teaches ancient body-centered practices without dogma or esoteric language, leading others to discover the secret wisdom already present within their own body. He works with people of all faiths and religions, all over the globe.  Prior to teaching he was a successful international project manager responsible for over a billion dollars in revenue, a medical device engineer with seven patents, and a ceramic artist.  He has raised four children, two of his own, including one who has significant disabilities. He lives in Molokai, Hawaii and Boulder, Colorado with his wife Karlene.
    My clients
    Christopher is the coach for you if… You want to access inner peace and confidence in any situation You want to fearlessly pursue your deepest purpose in life You want to increase your sexual attractiveness You want to deepen your consciousness and personal power You want to find your own authentic masculine or feminine core You want to embody more presence, depth, and energy You want to become a masterful lover You want to deepen trust and surrender in your intimacy You want to feel the force of love completely permeating you You want to access your own deep multiple orgasmic capacity (both men and women) You want to access inner peace, passion, and confidence in intimacy & your life purpose Christopher works with clients all over the globe teaching them answers to these questions. Typical clients are men and women that have created success in their career and the world, and want to have deep intimate relationships that deepen in both love and sexual chemistry over the years. Schedule a free introductory call and learn… What are you communicating to others right now through your body? What is the key thing in intimacy that determines how deep it can go? What is deep yogic sex and how is it different from how most people experience sex? How can you ignite the spark of attraction with someone and keep it burning hotter over time?  

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