Episode 20: Overcoming Obstacles to Your Success with Catherine B. Roy

Are you realizing your full potential as a coach? Are you using all of your gifts to change the lives of others? Or do you feel blocked and stuck? Today’s guest has overcome some incredible obstacles to get where she is today…
Sometimes we can become so absorbed in building our own coaching businesses that we fail to pay attention to the strengths in ourselves that can move us forward or worse, overly focus on negatives in our past that keep us stuck and hold us back from achieving the success we deserve. My guest today has overcome a very difficult past and leveraged her strengths to launch an incredibly successful coaching business.
Catherine B. Roy is the founder of the “Live from Your Heart and Mind” community… her ‘uplifting’ work has assisted countless individuals across the world, helping to solve problems and infuse their lives with hope, energy and success. She is the author of a book by the same name which hit the bestseller lists on the day of its release. As a successful speaker and personal growth coach, Catherine’s writings have been published in numerous publications including The Huffington Post and The Wellness Universe. She’s been a featured speaker at numerous international conferences.

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