Episode 9: Algorithms: Learn to Live From Your Heart and Mind with Catherine B. Roy

Getting in touch with our inner self makes us aware and understand our true purpose. The ability to connect your mind and your heart is the ticket to the one-way trip to satisfaction and success. Using algorithms, Catherine B. Roy guides us on how to get to this destination, focusing on the essential fields such as happiness, love, balance, success, and relationships. The bestselling author of Live from Your Heart and Mind, she walks us through the LHM system, IQ training questions, and associative memory exercises to increase brain capacity. Over and above, Catherine reveals the impelling force behind building this system.

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Episode 9: Algorithms: Learn to Live From Your Heart and Mind with Catherine B. Roy

Are you someone who’s feeling trapped by your past? Are you seeking happiness and success, but continue to struggle with obstacles? Are there parts of your life you’re not satisfied with? In this episode, I have the pleasure of speaking with Catherine B. Roy, a highly accomplished personal growth and business coach and bestselling author who has helped many individuals do that.

GYTM 9 | AlgorithmsI’m excited to speak with Catherine B. Roy, Founder of the Live From Your Heart and Mind community and bestselling author of the book Live From Your Heart And Mind. She has helped countless individuals around the world overcome problems and infuse their lives with hope, energy and happiness and achieve success. I’m excited to have her share her philosophy and system with us. Catherine, it’s truly my pleasure speaking with you.

Thank you so much. I’m honored.

You’re a living example of the power of your Live From Your Heart and Mind system. Having successfully overcome significant pain and trauma in your own life and yours is such an inspirational story. I was hoping you’d be willing to share some of your journey with our audience.

I was a very scientific person. I always was eager to find solutions for everything until something happened in my life, which I couldn’t control or do anything about. Back in 2008, I was diagnosed with the Coxsackievirus. Unfortunately, the diagnosis came late. They told me it attacked my heart and nerve endings in my feet. At 24, 25 years old, I could barely walk. Doctors predicted that I’d live a year-and-a-half. That was several years ago. They were wrong at some point. What happened back then is that I was so afraid when they diagnosed that I didn’t know what to do.

All the answers I was searching for in my life until then I was successful and working with a company I adored. I was lost and I needed to find a solution because medicine didn’t work for me. My mom is very spiritual and she convinced me to go to the monastery on the Adriatic Sea. We lived in Europe back then. I didn’t have a choice. I wasn’t much of a believer, but we went over there. I remember that night. We were sleeping outside because that’s a tradition. A light woke me up and I was dreaming that I heard a voice telling me that we should move because there’s going to be a storm. I looked up at the sky. It was clear. I woke up my mom and I started to wake up everyone else. They were all laughing at me because it was a beautiful weather, but I insisted. At one moment, it was such a huge thunderstorm that we all started to run away and hid inside of the monastery. That was my first experience of something which I can’t explain. The inner voice which always existed like a very deep intuition, but I never allowed it to come out. That was the hard part. My mind was always working for me, but my heart was shy and closed because I had dramatic experiences in life. The next morning, we went to pray and I remember that little room we were praying.

We are emotional beings, but we are different than all other beings in the world because we have a powerful mind. Click To Tweet

When I was about to step inside, the monk told everyone else to go out and that only I should approach him. I was afraid. I didn’t know what was going on. He came to me and he put his palm on my head. He said, “Everything’s going to be okay. The world needs you.” I started to cry. I didn’t understand any of it. You will not believe this. We went home. I went to the hospital, they did examinations and I was perfectly healthy. At that moment, I realized there is something much greater than us and I dedicated my life to help people realize that if I overcome something like that and much more traumatic experiences, everyone else can. That was the day I started to build my system for emotional and intellectual development.

What a wonderful, powerful example of getting in touch with that power, that inner voice and that deep intuition in your heart. Sometimes that voice is always there, but the chatter of our mind often keeps us from hearing it. Sometimes, what I find is that when people do hear that intuition, they let the voice of their mind trump that. You hear this inner voice saying, “There’s going to be a storm.” That intuition is saying, “Get inside.” Your mind might look at the sky but it’s a beautiful, clear sky. I compliment you on not listening to that, not giving into that and saying, “Everyone, get inside.” It was a perfect example of the power of that intuition and how it can be such an important guide in our lives.

I love what the gentleman said to you the world needing you. We all have this unique purpose that we all bring to the world. In terms of finding that and learning how to listen to your heart like you have and you show in your method. It’s such a powerful example of figuring out what my purpose in this world is? It’s wonderful not only for your journey but what you’re bringing to many people. You explained that the key to living a truly rewarding life is to learn to connect both your heart and your mind because we need both. You need that intellectual intelligence, but you need that emotional touch. You need to hear that inner voice.

We are not beings of our soul and our heart. We are also not just beings of our mind. At least, those two parts have to be connected.

GYTM 9 | Algorithms

Algorithms: Our brain is an organ for survival, and it creates this feeling of fear.


Many people aren’t able to tap into both that emotional intelligence and that intellectual intelligence. That’s one of the great things about your Live From Your Heart and Mind system. Your system has a unique approach of using algorithms to help individuals achieve satisfaction and success in important fields such as happiness, love, balance, success and relationships. I was hoping you can explain to our audience more about your LHM system, how it works and how it can change their life.

What happened is when I started to create this to show people that they all have something inside of them and the world needs that as the monk said to me, I knew I have to go deep in that. To translate that into something that people do understand. I didn’t know how to do that. I felt that’s my purpose. What happened is that a friend of mine took me to Mensa, the organization of highly intelligent people. They did a test of my IQ. They discovered that my IQ was over 156 and they couldn’t measure that. I realized I had a talent which I somehow needed to integrate into this finding purpose part and that’s how the intellectual part of the system was born.

I believe we are all unique and I can’t give advice to two different people because that advice might work for one of them or maybe not for any of them, but it works for me. I realized I needed to create something which will lead people but gives them the freedom and space so they can find themselves and find the best advice for themselves. That is how algorithms were born. When you do the algorithm, I lead you and you answer yes or no. I show you the possibilities and you’re finding the best solution for yourself, for the unique you. I’m guiding you through that process that you can establish balance in your life, happiness, success, fulfillment, relationships. That is all important. You can’t be successful if the other side of your relationship is broken. We need to work with both sides.

We are emotional beings, but we are different than all other beings in the world because we have a powerful mind. I created formulas for the emotional part, which are a form of advice, but I created algorithms so you can find yourself. There was a part missing and that’s mind. We have 2% of our brain which we can further develop as adults. Children until three years old, they have 100%. Until seven years old, they have 75% and then it goes down. That 2% is powerful. Those are billions of neurons and cells which we need to connect.

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Think outside the box because if we learn what other people discovered, we are not expanding. We need to be those who will discover. That is why I created the IQ training questions. The system works this way. They are fixing our emotional side, whatever is broken. Rising emotional intelligence on our unique highest potential and we’re activating our brain on our unique highest potential. We put those things in balance. From that moment, we can operate from the highest potential of our being and achieve enormous success, which I am the living proof of what I did. What I did in the last few years creating all these online platforms is using the LHM system for that. That’s the core of the system and personal growth.

In terms of the algorithms, that’s setting up the structure. As you’re guiding people through the different algorithms, it seems you’re asking them to listen to that inner voice. What feels right to you? What works for you? Would you be able to walk us through one of these algorithms?

I want to go to solving problem algorithms. I call it no problem algorithm because we don’t have problems, we have situations which we need to solve or overcome. That’s the existing solving problems systems. I want to go through love algorithm because a lot of people struggle with their love life and their relationships and that affects every other part of their life. That way I will present how the system works. Let’s say we have a problem. I will not even specify which kind. It doesn’t matter. The first question I ask is, “Do you have a problem?” We concentrate on that one problem that my client has. The answer is yes or no. An algorithm goes through the yes part. The next question is, “Can you do something to solve it?”

We know if we can do something or we can’t do anything about that. If the situation is like mine, you just can’t control that. Let’s say that we can do something about that. We should go for it. It comes with the first obstacle which is fear or destruction or procrastination. I wish to share this important thing that I have discovered. Those are mechanisms of our mind. Our brain is an organ for survival and it creates these feelings of fear. It creates destruction, it creates procrastination to keep us from the situation which is unknown and the brain identifies it as something we should be afraid of. If we tap inside our heart and we know we are safe because the only fear we all have is fear of that.

GYTM 9 | Algorithms

Algorithms: When we start to hear our heartbeat, we should understand that we are connected with our inner self.


Every other fear is the product of that core, then we should go and solve that problem or overcome it, jump over it or go aside over it. We don’t have to deal with every problem. The problem is what if we can’t do anything to solve that problem? We come to the world. There is no solution. We don’t see the solution. That stops us from achieving anything else in our life. What is the thing? There is a breathing exercise which I developed. It is easy. It’s based on scientific facts. I don’t go into deep meditation because it takes time when you need to solve a problem. I calm myself and do this breathing exercise.

The point is we should keep our breath for seven seconds because we physically force our brain to stop thinking about everything else. In one minute, we have eleven billion thoughts in our mind and it’s an incredible amount of distraction. If we inhale for ten seconds and exhale for seven seconds, we can concentrate on that. We’re going into the Alpha state of mind. It means that a larger amount of oxygen is coming to our brain and oxygen forces our brain to stop working and to concentrate on the basic functions of our organism. We start to hear the heartbeat. That is what’s happening in meditation. We start to hear our heartbeat and we start to connect with our inner self because the brain is fighting because it’s afraid of that situation.

When we start to hear our heartbeat, we should understand that we connected with our inner self and we all can do that. What we should do is refocus. Ask yourself, “What would make me happy?” and make a wish. Refocus from the problem to something which will make you happy. It’s simple. We use three techniques which I have developed. That wish needs to become a goal. The famous technique for setting a goal is SMART: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely. I don’t think that’s enough. It is good for business development but for personal growth, we need to put feeling in that. The feeling is the core of our heart. Emotion is a processed feeling which comes through our mind. We need to visualize like we already did that. Not just visualize, we need to feel that visualization.

We need to read that feeling. We have to understand that we are enough and we have to do that. Only we, only I, only you, not anyone else for me. That’s the first step, the transformation of that wish to a FLY SMART goal. I call it FLY SMART goal because of Feel, Live and You will do it. When we refocus that, we need to understand that’s our thought and that’s our wish. Our feeling, that’s what we have in the core of our heart. Our emotion, what we felt when we were visualizing that and our actions now have to be in alignment.

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All those four elements have to be in alignment. When we put that in alignment, we have to feel what we think about and we will realize we completely forgot about the problem and we should go and do what makes us happy at that moment. We are increasing the level of energy and we are raising our potential. What will happen? The universe will respond with new opportunities or new people who will help us to solve the problem which we had at the beginning of the algorithm or we will see it disappear. That’s the magic of rising our emotional potential on the high levels. We will solve the problem much better and faster when our mind is clear.

As you’re going through the algorithm, a few things that I appreciate about your system. The first is the breathing exercise is a great way of freeing yourself from your mind and reconnecting with your body with that Alpha state of mind, but also bringing you more to the present moment. When I talk about the subconscious mind, in particular, I remind people that its main focus is survival. It’s also a powerful part of our mind, not the smartest or most rational part of our mind. One of the things that happen is when you try to go outside of your comfort zone or you try to go outside of your habits. I often tell people the things that I notice is fear, doubt, guilt and insecurity. It tends to bring those feelings up.

Most people like you were saying fear, procrastination and obstacles. It’s the same concept. When those come up, 99% of the people fall back in line into those old patterns. One of the things you’re doing even if there’s no solution is ground yourself in your body and make that wish something that would make you happy. Imagine that that’s happened, feel that, get in touch with the emotions. You’re using that emotion to raise your energy level. That’s the power versus many people if they say, “I have a problem but I can’t see the solution.” Fall into that trap of feeling helpless or powerless. You’re giving them an alternative no matter what the situation. You can raise your emotions about it and let the universe help you in that regard when your frequency levels are higher.

We are all energy and quantum physics already proved that. We all have our frequency. If our frequency is low, then we have problems with our emotional side. This way, we are rising emotional level and taking away the power of our mind and giving it to our heart. It’s okay to use mind when we know we can find the solution, that’s perfect. What if we can’t find the solution?

GYTM 9 | Algorithms

Algorithms: We are all energy and quantum physics already approved that we all have our frequency.


Don’t let your mind trap you in thoughts of helplessness. I can easily see how powerful it is to help people keep moving. Keep taking constructive action in your life.

It’s a similar concept of yours. It’s a different technique of achieving practically the same result.

It seems a simple technique with the breathing, but what a wonderfully powerful technique. It was wonderful because as you were saying or going through it, I was trying to do it myself. In taking in seven seconds to inhale, I realize how different that is than maybe how I typically breathe.

People struggle. Not everyone understands meditation. They all try to meditate and so on. I never read or heard about a technique which is based on physical facts. How can you stop your brain if you put it in a situation that it has to fight for itself? Seven seconds is long. You have to push yourself to do that. In one moment, you will fall in the alpha state, the brain will give up. That’s the point. The brain needs to give up when we have a situation in which our heart needs to solve.

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When you’re in more of an alpha state, you have access to greater inside solutions. When your mind is in more of a stress state, you won’t be able to come up with. You mentioned the love algorithm and in terms of our relationships being such an important part of the meaning we have in life, the connections we have in life, the satisfaction and ultimate happiness we experience in life. Can you tell us a little bit about the love algorithm?

The love algorithm is also easy. When a friend of mine did it, he told me, “It’s about me.” We need to change the perspective of understanding love because being in love is not love. Being in love is a chemical reaction and a natural need. It’s a passion. It’s a pleasuring thing which is not from our heart but our ego and the ego needs to be satisfied. The first thing we have to understand is to make a distinction between real love as a feeling from our heart and our need which is driven by ego. The love algorithm goes like this. The first question is obvious. Are you happy in love? The answers are yes or no. If the answer is yes, you don’t need me. If the answer is no, we have to work on this.

The next question would be, “Is it your soul self-love?” I’m putting you in the situation that you start to think about that. The soul self-love is unconditional and without any expectation. It’s very clean. You can love that person under any circumstances and that’s difficult. We are humans and ego is something which is developed by society. We defend ourselves by ego. This is the first step. We should go inside and see this is soul self-love. The answers again can be yes or no. If it is soul self-love, then do you love the wrong person? This is an important question because that love might be soul self from your side but is it soul self from the other side? It needs to be mutual. There comes a dilemma. This algorithm needs time to be done by people.

If the answer is no. If you realize it is not soul self-love, but it is in love or passion or attraction or you’re attached to someone, then the universe is telling you that your purpose is to feel soul self-love without any expectation. That’s a lesson we all definitely should understand. Those both sides of algorithms come together. There comes a very important question, “Why do you love that person? Why are you ruining that relationship?” We all know the answer when this comes in front of our eyes. These questions are deep because maybe we think it’s love but we are with that person for some reason. Maybe we are too long with that person. We can’t detach ourselves and we struggle in that.

GYTM 9 | Algorithms

Algorithms: Being in love is a chemical reaction and a natural need. It’s a passion which is not from our heart but from our ego, and ego needs to be satisfied.


Maybe we don’t fit with another. When we discover that reason, that’s the reason we cure. It needs to be solved in some other way so you can be on your way to transform yourself into a happy and lovable person and attract the one who deserves you and who will love you the way you are. The algorithm aims to discover the reason why we feel as we feel. When we discover the reason, we need to do other algorithms which are connected to other parts of our life. Usually, the reason ends up to be the lack of self-love or feeling lonely or not feeling enough for ourselves. We need to work on that. We need to do balance algorithm. We need to do a happiness algorithm.

We need to do the problem-solving algorithm. We need to use the whole system to fix that, to fill ourselves with soul self-love for ourselves. The only absolute truth is that I’m the only person who will live the whole life with me, no one else will. It’s not sure if they will. If I’m empty inside, it will reflect on everything else. We need to understand that we have the key and we can change that. We are using the whole system depending on what is the real problem. Solving that problem and doing the same thing. Raising the level of energy to the high frequency, becoming self-confident, working on ourselves and attracting the right person in our life, this will correspond with all of our inner self which is now filled.

It seems as you were talking that a lot of the problems, at least from my experience that many people have in terms of relationships, comes from the ego. The ego is saying that your self-worth is conditional. That leads to that sense of not having that unconditional love and acceptance of who you truly are and that feeling of not being good enough. When you buy into that ego’s conditional sense of self-worth, in my perspective you end up in relationships where the ego’s driving that dynamic. Rather than being in a relationship where you’re grounded in unconditional love and acceptance of yourself and that’s all you want the other person to be as who they truly are. There’s chemistry or attraction between certain people and others. The ego will make it a lot more complicated.

Ego is our mind. It’s a game. We need to take the power of our mind down and to raise the power of our heart. The ending of the process is the same as problem-solving because if we have problems in life, that’s a problem. What we are doing here in a different way is taking the power of our mind and increasing the power of our heart. That’s the solution for these two.

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Your algorithms are a wonderful strategy for freeing people from their ego.

It helped me a lot.

I can see how it’s fundamental in terms of if you want to have a truly healthy relationship in your life. You must start with your relationship with yourself and how it walks you through not falling into the trap or getting yourself out of the trap that the ego presents to us. In your book, you walk through IQ questions to stimulate the intellectual part of our mind. If you could tell us a little bit about that and give us an example and why that’s such an important part of the process as well.

We need to activate that 2% of our brain to be able to create an extraordinary life. The goal of the system is to put us in the position that we become creators and not followers. There are two parts of the intellectual parts of the system. Associative memory, which is presented in the book with different illustrations because it’s scientifically proven we remember pictures better then than words. When they were doing the PISA test, a test of functional learning, the countries which had the best results were Asian countries that use the pictorial letter. They are forced to remember associations. Associations are created so we can remember things longer. If we connect a situation with the picture or a definition of the picture, we will remember that longer. That will help us in all of these processes of solving problems and everything else we have in life.

GYTM 9 | Algorithms

Algorithms: The aim of the algorithm is to discover the reason why we feel as we feel.


The other part is IQ training. Those are unique questions which I have created. They are meant to take us from the present moment to even above our alpha state of mind. This is something which I used to start the session with a client because I use the question to set the concentration on something funny and specific so we can open up the new perspective and we can try to solve our problems much faster. Here is one question, for example, you and I will try to solve this together. What is common to a duck and silence? Our mind works and you are already trying to find the connection.

I’ll share with you what’s going through my head. I’m picturing a duck and his feet underneath the water and I can’t hear his feet. I’m thinking of the silence of being under the water. I’m explaining where my mind is going.

What we usually do when we have a question anytime, we try to answer that question directly. Let’s split this into two parts. We have two objects. We have a duck and we have silence. We will look at one object and that’s the duck. Tell me a few things you know about ducks, anything that comes to your mind.

I picture a duck swimming on the water. The only sounds I hear from are occasional quacks. I see many ducks. We go to a lake in the summer. I’m picturing all the ducks that I often see there.

You mentioned something important and it’s the sound of a duck, keep that information. The silence, tell me what comes to your mind when you think about silence.

When I hear the word, I picture myself out in nature. I think of sitting quietly by myself in a field somewhere. That’s what’s coming to mind.

Imagine yourself on the top of the mountain or in the cave. What happens in the cave when you scream?

You hear your echo.

The duck is the only animal on this planet which has a sound, but that sound doesn’t have an echo.

When a duck makes a quack, it doesn’t echo.

That’s the scientific fact. This is the way that you have learned a funny scientific fact which you will remember much longer than if I just told you, “Do you know that duck?”

It’s almost you’re opening my mind up a little bit. That’s the feeling I have when you were doing that.

These are funny questions. We can do this with scientific questions when someone needs to learn something complicated. They remember that much longer, students for example, for a test. When you go through this process, you can remember all these things much longer. Any story can be transformed in this form of mind-activation process. What happens is you forgot you’re doing an interview.

It puts your mind in a different place.

That is the place where you need to be when we start to use the system and fix all these we talked about.

This has been wonderful in terms of sharing your system, walking us through it for people and giving us some wonderful examples. I didn’t know if you had a final word of wisdom or advice for our audience.

There’s one quote which I wrote and was shared 1.2 million times, “The only absolute truth is that I’m the only person who will spend this whole lifetime with myself. If I wished to have a good relationship with others and if I wish to have a good life, first I need to have a good relationship with myself.”

I’m blessed with two children and my daughter is fifteen. I’ve told her, “I hope you enjoy being with you the same way that I do.” That’s my wish for both my children. Thank you so much, Catherine. For all the audience out there, to learn more about Catherine’s system be sure to check out her book. It’s on Amazon and available online in many locations. The name of her book is Live From Your Heart and Mind. Catherine, what is the best way for people to reach you?

If you search for Catherine B. Roy, there are a lot of options there. I have two websites CatherineBRoy.com. It’s more of a magazine. I feature a lot of authors there because we share our knowledge and LHMAcademia.com. There are contact pages there and they can contact me anytime.

Thank you, Catherine. I appreciate your time and sharing all your wisdom with our audience.

The pleasure is all mine. Thank you.

Please remember to visit www.TheCoachingConnector.com for more articles on the show to your best personal and professional life. Please remember to subscribe to the show and share a link with anyone you think would benefit from the information we’re presenting. We’re glad to be part of your journey. I’m wishing you much success.

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GYTM 9 | AlgorithmsCatherine B. Roy is a Bestselling Author, CEO and Founder, Business Coach, Heart and Mind Coach, Human Potential Thought Leader, MENSA member and Award Winning Artist and Scientist whose stimulating, upbeat and inspirational writings have helped countless people in the world. As the author and founder of the “Live from Your Heart and Mind”, Catherine is the guiding force behind the “LHM” system for increasing a person’s emotional and intellectual capacity and inspiring them to positive change and accomplishment.


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