How to Find Passion and Purpose


Don’t let limiting messages from your family and society get you down. A life coach can help you unearth your innate talents and deliver the right programming for success. Find out how to find your passion and purpose.

“Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it.”- Bruce Lee Click To Tweet

“Jane Kramer” was in a sales position and had great potential to move forward professionally but began sabotaging her success. Working with Jon Satin and Chris Pattay, The Possibility Coaches, Jane uncovered a hidden belief she had unconsciously bought into: “I shouldn’t make more money than my father.” So each time she got close to her father’s income level (her set-point), she would self-sabotage.

Now, ask yourself: How much of Jane is in you? Each of us is born bearing gifts that, when unwrapped, benefit ourselves and can also be offered in service to the world. For some, passion and purpose takes the form of interior decorating or writing or being an engineer. Others take to teaching and coaching as vehicles to inspire and guide people.

It takes a lot to nurture and develop your innate passion and purpose especially if that path might be contrary to what is dictated by societal programming. If your family has owned a business for years and expectations are that you will take over the same business, it takes a certain willpower to pursue alternative careers.

“Once we created the awareness about this unconscious core belief she was able to let it go emotionally and energetically and the sabotaging behavior ended for good,” say Satin and
Pattay, who work with “high achievers,” as well as clients who have “plateaued” in their growth and require a jumpstart to recalibrate.

“We all have a built-in ‘set-point’ that dictates how far we take ourselves in life. Until we become aware that we have this set-point, we will be controlled by our self-limiting beliefs associated with it,” they point out. “We will always resist certain changes and sabotage achievements that take us above this set-point. Through awareness we transcend and begin to go beyond these limitations.”

Claim your passion and purpose

Here are a few questions you can ask yourself to know if you are on the right path. One that will help you claim both your passion and purpose.

  • What drew you to the profession you are in now?
  • What do you enjoy most about it?
  • Which fellow professionals inspire you?
  • Was there a time when you doubted your abilities and had limiting beliefs that prevented you from achieving all you wished?

These are important baseline queries that can assist you in discovering your own passion and purpose. If you have dreams and desires tugging at your shirtsleeves, you might require someone who is a combination of cheerleader and accountability partner to see them through to fruition.

A life coach can provide you with redirection when you are tempted to toss your vision to the back of the closet. You were told, either directly or subtly, that what you wanted was pie in the sky or not in keeping with what your families or friends think you would be best served by doing. Some of your goals may fly in the face of societal norms, and that’s okay.

Nina Sidell, M.A. is a therapist, life coach, speaker, and award-winning author of Parenting for Life, and says she sees clients who struggle to achieve their dreams and goals for a variety of reasons. Especially when moving into new avenues either personally or professionally, having a good support network is helpful.

In cases where support is lacking or downright negating, a life coach can help develop new strategies to bolster success. “With empathy and gentle confrontation, I help them build their self-esteem, remove self- limiting beliefs, and we create a workable action plan,” Sidell says. “In some cases, additional supports are integrated into the plan, including surrogates, to build confidence. This approach allows individuals to find the strength to fly free and ensure personal pride and success.”

Face down limiting thoughts and messages

If you seek the services of a coach, you might still bump up against beliefs that hamper your progress. One is: “I don’t know what I enjoy doing. I never thought about it before.” A creative coach will encourage you to see yourself as a curious child, with an entire room full of toys that you have full permission to play with. What would you gravitate to?

Find your passion and purpose

14 ways to find your passion and purpose>

1. Discover your gifts and skills. Make a list of what you most enjoy doing. At this point, don’t be concerned about whether it is feasible or reasonable. Ask yourself if these are things that light you up from the inside and turn you into a human sparkler. What you feel juiced up about will sustain you as you use them as building blocks to take your life to the next level.

2. Consider what it would be like to engage in these activities. Could you see yourself doing them on a daily basis? Make it a full sensory experience as you see, smell, taste, touch and hear yourself immersed in them.

3. Script a story about doing work that you love as if it is already a done deal. Read it aloud to yourself.

4. What limiting thoughts stand in the way? What is their origin? Could they have been messages from adults in your life when you were a child or were they acquired later?

5. What kind of voice is speaking your passion and purpose? Loud or soft? Your own voice or that of someone else?

6. Is there a family pattern of limiting beliefs? They might include, “Everyone in our family becomes (doctors, business people, lawyers, farmers…)” so that if you were to choose another path, it might feel disloyal. Your heart might be yearning to be an artist and you may have been told that you won’t ever support yourself that way.

7. Are you allowed to be successful? Another family pattern may be that of struggle and you may unconsciously have absorbed that idea.

8. Are there role models of people who successfully do what you want to do? Use the oft-quoted line from When Harry Met Sally, “I’ll have what she’s having.”

9. If possible, find a mentor. You can be accountability partners for each other, checking in regularly to encourage follow-through on projects.

10. Do you have a starving artist or thriving artist mentality? For some, it feels noble to be the former and pie in the sky to be the latter.

11. What do you fear will occur if you step up and speak out and claim what you most want to do? What pushback might you receive? Make a list of those fears. Then ask yourself how likely it is you will experience them.

12. Imagine if they bear out to be so, and practice a conversation with the naysayers. If you had complete freedom to say what you would like, what would it be? How would they respond to you?

13. What is the worst thing you imagine occurring if you assert yourself and follow your passion and purpose? What is the best thing?

14. Take baby steps rather than grand leaps into your new life.


Just as a computer may experience glitches when the hard drive is too full of unnecessary data, so too can your mind become overwhelmed with thoughts that limit your capacity to nurture your passion and purpose. A savvy coach can provide the “tech support” needed to reprogram your mental computer so you can discover your true self and live your life full of passion and purpose.
You might be like Jane but can discover your innate talents and develop them even if doing so might run counter to the “programming” fed to you by your family and society.


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