Grab this Ingenious Template that Will Net You More New Clients and Speaking Engagements


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Are you presenting a workshop, seminar or breakout session in front of a group of your ideal coaching clients anytime soon? Would you know exactly what to say to get them to work with you?

If your answer is “no” or even “I’m not sure”, then I want you to have the editable template I’ve used for years. It has yielded testimonials, new clients, and even additional speaking engagements. I’ve built my business on it… I can trace about 70% of my current and past clients back to speaking gigs I’ve done over the years. Since it’s a .rtf document, so you open it in several programs including Word and alter it to meet your own needs.

This is a must-have tool for your business if you want to help more people. What I love most about it is how incredibly confident you’ll feel knowing that with this template, you can provide deep and lasting value to the people you’re connecting with!

This template will:

  • Allow your ideal clients to say YES to you right on the spot, by inspiring them to act, whether it is to ask you to speak to another group; to sign up for a consultation or strategy session, or to join your mailing list.
  • Help you fine-tune your presentation material.
  • Show you how they most benefitted from your presentation… information you can incorporate into your marketing materials.
  • Impress the heck out of the meeting planner who brought you in. It means you are serious about the quality of your presentations. (Be sure to check with meeting planners about their policy on “handouts” first.)
  • Scanned and converted into a multi-page PDF will become a valuable tool for approaching other organizations when they issue a call for speakers.

Use pastel colored paper so they will be easy to find on tables and chairs after your program talk and easy to read when scanned. Avoid red or dark colored paper as it will often scan or copy as black.

It’s is no secret that public speaking is a powerful way to promote ourselves as coaches, consultants, and experts. It can be a rich source of prospective clients who already have formed a positive opinion about you from your presentation.

This file is zipped you will need to unzip to get the template.

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