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Episode 25: Developing Effective Leaders with Joshua Spodek

Leading with passion is not as easy as it seems, which is why aspiring leaders need coaches who can guide them on the road to efficient leadership. Joshua Spodek, a leader developer and host of the Leadership and Environment podcast, shares his method for...

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Episode 24: What Lights You Up: Reconnecting With Your Innate Purpose with Linda Stephens-Jones

Some people they have a long history of putting the needs of others first to a point that it takes some work to begin to build a little space for themselves and for their own authentic priorities - not the should do's but the want to do’s. Christian fai...

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Episode 23: Stepping Up Your Job Search with Mike Manoske

Looking for a job or a career change may be a stressful process for some people. Fortunately, there's help. Mike Manoske is a coach who specializes in career coaching and helping people with job searches. He's had an eclectic career which first started in...

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Episode 22: Living A Creative And Prosperous Life with Dina Grishin

A number of people have given up on their creativity because society has told them they could not make a living out of it. Certified life coach Dina Grishin is an expert in helping creatives live prosperous lives while pursuing their creative passion. She...

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Episode 21: Coaching A Family Business with Mark Terrell

No business is easy to handle, and believe it or not, family businesses are one of the hardest to manage. Experienced coach Mark Terrell tells us how his family run their business and how his passion for coaching a family business sparked. Mark specialize...

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Episode 20: Relationship Coaching: Balancing The Family Dynamics And Resolving Conflicts with Gretchen Hydo

Mending something that is broken can be hard especially when what is broken is a unit. Professional certified coach Gretchen Hydo shares how she is helping develop healthy, rewarding relationships, particularly within families through relationship coachin...

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Episode 19: Effective Communication: Engaging In Powerful Conversations with Dr. Marcia Reynolds

There is nothing more significant than the privilege of having a person patiently dig into your thoughts and understand your actions and reactions. Dr. Marcia Reynolds, the President of Covisioning LLC, unravels the power of coaching and effective communi...

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Episode 18: Overcoming The Imposter Syndrome with Lindsey Hood

Most of us have experienced the feeling that we are never good enough and that we will never reach the tip of success. Lindsey Hood doesn’t mean to burst that bubble of imposter syndrome, but actually, she believes you can. Life and Executive Coach for ...

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Episode 17: The Pillars To A Lasting Relationship with Jürgen Schmechel

Many couples slip out of each other's lives because they have lost touch with what is going on in their relationships. Eventually, the relationship deteriorates and ends. Relationship expert and certified results coach, Jürgen Schmechel, sheds light on h...

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Episode 16: Discovering Life’s Purpose Through Coaching with Hans Schumann

Being a coach is probably one of the most gratifying jobs a person may have, equipping people to bring out the best in themselves and unlocking their full potential. Hans Schumann, an international executive career and life coach, shares his journey from ...

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