How to Get a Never-Ending Flow of Leads from Associations, Conferences, and Networking…

Networking to generate leads is something that few coaches do really well…

Many coaches I speak to either network infrequently (drive-by networking), or they spend a lot of time working at it, but don’t see the kind of results they want.

In other words, they don’t get very many clients through their networking efforts.

Years ago, I almost gave up on generating leads this way… because I wasn’t seeing any tangible results from it.

And maybe that’s happened to you…

In my case, as it is with so many other people, the problem wasn’t that I didn’t work hard enough at it… The problem was that I didn’t have a system for doing it the right way. Since then, I’ve built one that works like a charm.

And that’s exactly what I will share with you in How to Get a Never-Ending Flow of Leads from Associations, Conferences, and Networking.

It includes my proven five-step system for finding new client leads in trade and professional associations as well as many other types of leads groups, mixers, and conferences.

If you are investing your time and effort into networking that doesn’t produce enough new clients, you simply have to watch this practical 34-minute video that includes these two bonus handouts:

  • How to Tell Prospects What You Do… So They Will be Interested!
  • Awesome Referral Getting Tactics

I’ve designed the training to give you the tools you need to get new clients and grow your business, so you can make a bigger difference in the lives of the people who you are absolutely meant to be serving.

It is my hope, that by the end of the training, that you will be fully equipped to successfully network your way to many more new clients and have the kind of success that you deserve!

Lets get started: View the video and/or downloads the video transcripts and handouts.


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