Self-Actualization – What Does That Even Mean?

While you may have heard the term self-actualization, many people don’t fully comprehend what it means to live a self-actualized life. The metaphor that I use when describing self-actualization is that of an acorn. An acorn comes into the world with the full potential of becoming a grand oak tree. It is uniquely designed to be an oak tree – it’s never going to be a maple or a pine no matter what. To what extent that acorn reaches its full potential depends upon what kind of soil it lands in, the amount of water and sun it receives, and what other trees/animals it encounters.

The same is true for a little baby. Each of us comes into this world with a unique set of potentials that only we can bring to the world – physically, athletically, musically, artistically and personality wise. To what extent we fully develop those potentials depends upon what type family, nurturing, environment and opportunities that we are provided with while growing up.

Based upon our unique set of innate potentials, we are better designed to pursue certain endeavors versus others. For example, my mind is much better designed to see the big picture and how things relate to each other. It would be a significant mismatch to put me in a professional that largely required linear thinking and attention to detail. Unfortunately, that is the situation many people find themselves in – pursuing careers or roles that do not align with their innate strengths or talents. Often people fall into the trap of pursuing careers/roles based on their families’ or society’s expectations rather than their natural inclinations.

A key factor to living your ideal life professionally and personally is to what extent your life is aligned with your innate potentials. As human beings, we come into the world with a desire to develop our natural gifts and talents and share them with the world in some way shape or form. The extent to which our lives are aligned with our innate talents/gifts is often the extent to which we feel like we are living the lives we were truly meant to live.

It is my sincere hope that the information, tools and resources we present you through The Coaching Connector help you do just that.

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