Top 10 Best Health and Wellness Blogs


While the internet can be a wonderful source of good information, it can also be misleading. There are a lot of health and wellness blogs on the web, but not all offer accurate information. Where your health is concerned, accurate information is paramount. We’ve compiled a list of what we think are the best health and wellness blogs in terms of quality information and truth. Add these to your reading list for motivation in 2017.

  1. Wellness Mama
    Named one of the 100 most influential people in health and wellness by Greatist, Wellness Mama offers tips and recipes for those who are looking to make lifestyle changes with a busy schedule and on a budget. Since she is a mother of six, many of her recipes and solutions are adapted for children, making this a family-friendly read.
  1. Zen Habits
    Our mental health is an essential part of living a positive lifestyle. Zen Habits focuses on mindfulness, meditation, and other techniques that can help you achieve a healthy mental focus.
  1. The Healthy Executive
    One thing we often hear from busy working professionals is that they’re too busy growing their business to worry about their health. The Healthy Executive is the answer, with healthy lifestyle tips for those who are always on their way to their next business meeting.
  1. Greatist
    This health and wellness site offers a hodgepodge of useful information, including reviews of the latest research, easy workouts, healthy recipes and swaps, and other inspiration.
  1. Kris Carr
    This inspirational blog follows a woman’s journey of well-being after she received a diagnosis of a rare, incurable form of cancer. It offers a series of motivational tips and articles on healthy eating, stress reduction, and bridging the gap between evidence-based and functional medicine.
  1. The Change Blog
    The Change Blog is a community of 50,000 people and authors who have committed to lifestyle change. Their stories might just inspire you to make your own.
  1. The Minimalists
    In this series of podcasts, The Minimalists will teach you how to live a fuller life with less. Learn about getting rid of material excess and making more room for positivity and light.
  1. Tony Gentilcore
    He “lifts things up and puts them down.” And he’ll teach you how doing the same will build strength, muscle mass, and how those contribute to a healthy lifestyle. Don’t skimp on weight training. He’ll tell you why.
  1. Sprouted Kitchen
    Healthy eating doesn’t have to be bland. Sometimes we’re all at a loss for making good-for-you food truly delicious. Sprouted Kitchen takes away the mystery by offering gourmet-style recipes chock full of nutrients and taste.
  1. Well by the New York Times
    Here you’ll find all the (health) news that’s fit to print. Learn about the latest studies and trends in health, wellness, and medicine. You’ll also find articles on mental health, mindfulness, family issues, and recipes – everything you need to live a holistic, healthy lifestyle.

Here’s to your health – and happy reading in 2017!


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